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Recently, the Arizona Supreme Court approved new court rules of procedure for eviction actions. The attorneys at Holland Law Group are familiar with and have litigated under these rules.

Arizona’s Residential Landlord Tenant Act (ARS §33-1301 et seq) is the governing body of law for all things landlord or tenant related. Specific provisions are made for nearly every common occurrence. The Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act specifically addresses:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Security Deposits
  • Lease Agreements
  • Maintenance of the Premises
  • Notification to Enter the Premises
  • Remedies for Failure to Maintain
  • Retaliatory Actions by Landlord
  • Notices for Possible Eviction
  • Evictions/Forcible Detainer Actions
  • Writ of Restitution
  • Personal Property Left/Abandoned by a Tenant

Additionally, specific laws govern non-residential rental situations.  If you have questions about how this legislation affects you and your rights, you should contact an experienced legal professional.  At Holland Law Group, we have handled dozens of these types of actions and would be happy to discuss your legal needs and remedies with you.