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Snowflake Real Estate And Contract Dispute Attorneys

If you find yourself in a legal quandary in Northern Arizona, you can turn to a local firm with the resources and experience necessary to protect your rights. With offices in Snowflake and Flagstaff, Arizona, the attorneys of Decker Holland, PLLC, combine attentive service with tenacious representation in the areas of real estate law, contract disputes and collections.

Real Estate Law

The firm provides a variety of commercial and residential real estate services, handling issues such as judicial foreclosures, quiet title actions, easement disputes and nonjudicial foreclosures. Learn more.

Contract Disputes

A man is as good as his word. But not everyone's word is good, and that is why it is so important to have sound contracts to protect your interests. If you are involved in a contract dispute, Decker Holland, PLLC, can efficiently pursue your rights and protect your bottom line so you can move on with your personal and professional life. Learn more.

Collections Services Focused On Your Bottom Line

Once you have a judgment, what do you really have? You have a piece of paper that may make you feel better about your predicament, but that piece of paper does not automatically put the money back in your account. You still need a way to make the debtor pay or find an alternative means of satisfying the judgment.

The lawyers of Decker Holland, PLLC, strive to resolve collections issues as efficiently as possible so clients can get paid. In most cases this means one of three things:

  • Pursuing garnishments of wages and/or nonearnings
  • Seeking a writ of execution to spur a sheriff's sale in order to collect the proceeds
  • Placing a lien on a debtor's property

If you already have a judgment, they will take your case on a contingency fee basis, which means they will not collect payment until they have collected the money you are owed.

When Integrity Counts You Can Count On Decker Holland, PLLC

Decker Holland, PLLC, is ready to help you safeguard your interests in these complex areas of law. Call the firm at 928-457-0032 or submit the online contact form to schedule a consultation.

Office Location

Snowflake Office
970 South Main Street
Snowflake, AZ 85937

Phone: 928-457-0032
Fax: 928-536-3241
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Flagstaff Office
15 East Cherry Avenue
Suite 203
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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